Ministry of Employment and Labor Held a Launching Ceremony for the 2030 Advisory Group

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Mon December 05, 2022
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The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Lee Jung Sik) held a launching ceremony for the 2030
Advisory Group at the Sejong Government Complex on December 5.

The 2030 Advisory Group, which consists of 20 people including a youth advisor, will be tasked with
suggesting policies, collecting and communicating youth opinions to the government, and exploring
references for policy-making. At the launching ceremony, Minister Lee presented letters of appointment to
the youth advisor and the group members with congratulation and encouragement messages.
Lim So-hyung, a former policy broadcasting reporter, is recognized as a policy communication expert with
knowledge of government policies and capabilities of communicating young people's views to the
The final members of the 2030 Advisory Group have been selected in consideration of gender and regional
balance, and a balance of interests for employment, labor and industrial safety.
The 2030 Advisory Group will be divided into three committees of employment, labor and industrial safety
each of which will autonomously select its tasks and make policy proposals. They will also monitor policies
for youth and share opinions through regular and occasional meetings.
Minister Lee said, “According to a recent survey, the younger generation has a very different perception of
jobs than the older generation and values growth through work.” He added, “The younger generation will
play a pivotal role in the labor market going forward, so their perception should be properly reflected in
He also expressed his willingness to actively support and take care of the 2030 advisory group so that the
members can look into various sites of policy implementation and communicate with each bureau and
office of the Ministry in the policy-making process.”