Minister Lee Jung Sik Visited a K-Digital Training Center Modulab

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Wed December 14, 2022
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Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jung Sik visited Modulab at 14:00 on December 14, an innovative
training institution and K-digital training center.

Minister Lee made this visit to have first-hand experience of excellent training programs provided by
K-Digital Training and listen to opinions of young trainees.

K-Digital Training is the government's flagship vocational training project in the high-tech industry and
digital sector. Full training expenses and subsidies are provided for trainees through the National Tomorrow
Learning Card, a government-funded life-long learning voucher, so that any young person who is interested
in this sector can train.

This program has been well-received thanks to the participation of not only private training institutions
such as Modulab, but also leading high-tech companies such as Samsung(SSAFY), KT(AIVLE School), NAVER,
Kakao and POSCO.

Trainees are provided with practical training programs that require them to resolve on-site problems
presented by companies and intensive training (over 900 hours) for six months to become a talent with in-
demand skills.

Modulab is an innovative training institution that joined the K-digital training project upon the launch of
the project.
Lee Ji-seok, principal of Modulab, said, "Competition is what you do with yourself, and growth is what you
do with others." Lee explained, “Modulab is a place where you share value and grow together.”

During his visit, Minister Lee was briefed by CEO Kim Seung-il on Modulab and K-digital training courses
and took an on-site tour of training places.

Minister Lee said, "Modulab is an institution where all trainees can become teachers who share what they
know while accumulating knowledge themselves." He added, "The government will do its best to identify
more excellent training institutions such as Modulab so that more young people can acquire the wings of
emerging digital technology."