Over 84,000 Foreign Workers on E-9 Visas Have Entered Korea

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Wed December 21, 2022
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The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Lee Jung Sik) said that the number of foreign workers,
who have entered the country on E-9 visas in 2022 through the employment permit system (EPS), exceeded
84,000 as of December 21.

The Ministry rolled out its plan to bring in 84,000 foreign workforce by the end of this year at the fourth
economic ministerial meeting on August 8 (presided over by Deputy Prime Minister) to resolve job
shortages, caused by such factors as delayed entry due to the pandemic.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor has been working with the Ministry of Justice to streamline entry
process by expanding the validity period of visa issuance certificates issued to employers from six months
to one year. The Ministry has also strengthened cooperation to increase the number of migrant workers
each month through ministerial and high-level meetings with sending countries.

As a result, the total number of foreign workers on E-9 visas residing in Korea amounted to 264,000 as of
today, recovering 95% of the pre-COVID-19 level of 277,000. The number is expected to rise to 267,000,
recovering more than 96%. 

The Ministry has set the quota of foreign workforce on E-9 visas under the EPS next year at 110,000, the
largest since the introduction of the system in 2004.
Vice Minister Kwon Gi-Seob said, “As the Ministry continues to expand the entry of foreign workers to
address labor shortages, we will ensure human rights for foreign workers are protected and create a work
environment where they can work in a safe environment.”